Pacific Northwest Trail 2019

The Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) begins at the continental divide in Glacier National Park, MT. It travels 1217 miles (1960km) westward through the Rockies in Montana, the Idaho panhandle, and the high deserts of Eastern Washington, before crossing the Cascades/PCT, and later the Olympic Peninsula. After leaving the Olympic Mountains & Olympic National Park, the trail ends at the Pacific Ocean at Cape Alava, WA.

Daily Blog Posts:

Getting Ready for the PNT

Traveling to the PNT

Day 1: Chief Mountain trailhead

Day 2: Stoney Indian Pass

Day 3: Brown’s Pass

Day 4: Leaving Glacier Park

Day 5: Flathead National Forest

Day 6: Birthday Snow

Day 7: Ten Lakes Wilderness

Day 8: An Udderly long Roadwalk

Day 9: Koocanusa and Climbing

Day 10: An Unexpected Big Day

Day 11: On the Road Again

Day 12: Entering Idaho

Day 13: Up, Down, Town

Day 14: A Good Day to Bleed

Day 15: Bushwhacks are Slow

Day 16: Entering Washington

Day 17: These Ridges are made for Walking

Day 18: Metaline Falls

Day 19: First Zero Day

Day 20: Abercrombie Mountain

Day 21: Roads and Rails

Day 22: Sunny and Hot with a Chance of Cows

Day 23: Feeling the Burn

Day 24: Copper Butte Mt

Day 25: Bushwhack #2

Day 26: San Poil River Canyon

Day 27: Cows, Clouds, and Creepiness

Day 28: Mt Bonaparte

Day 29: A Relaxing day to Halfway

Day 30: A Zero day in Oroville

Day 31: The Long Roadwalk

Day 32: Entering the Pasayten Wilderness

Day 33: High Point of the PNT

Day 34: Over the River and Thru the Woods

Day 35: Hello Old Friend

Day 36: Goodbye PCT Hello Devils Dome

Day 37: Ross Lake

Day 38: North Cascades NP

Day 39: Two Passes Two Marmots Too Much Rain

Day 40: Mt Baker Highway and Wilderness

Day 41: Baker Lake

Day 42: Another Wet Day

Day 43: Finally the Rain Stops

Day 44: An Easy Dry Day

Day 45: PNTA Headquarters

Day 46: Get Low

Day 47: Island Hopping

Day 48: Sad Feet, Happy House

Day 49: Friends, Frozen treats and Ferries

Day 50: Quickham

Day 51: Olympic National Forest

Day 52: Entering Olympic National Park

Day 53: Hayden Pass and Elwha River

Day 54: Pit Stop in Port Angeles

Day 55: Mt Bogachiel and Seven Lakes Basin

Day 56: The Bogachiel Carwash

Day 57: One Last Roadwalk

Day 58: The Pacific Ocean

Day 59: Beach Walkin’

Day 60: Cape Alava, The Finish

After the PNT