Day 3: Brown’s Pass

Tuesday July 16, 14.6mi/23.5km

Waterton River camp (26.3/4222ft) to Bowman Lake Head (40.9/4042ft) (MT)

I heard it rain briefly overnight, and when I packed up this morning, my tent was already dry! Gotta love the west. I left camp at 8am, and spent all morning slowly climbing up towards Brown’s Pass.

The clouds were shifting around the high summits, which was really neat.

There always seems to be an alpine lake just below the pass. I was hot from the climb up, and thought about swimming. I got in as far as my feet, it was probably only 35F/2C.

At the top of the pass, I found a huge field of wildflowers…

… And a furry friend. He seemed to big to be a pika, and too small for a marmot.

Looking ahead from the pass, down the next valley.

The descent from the pass was quick, probably only two hours. All along the way, there were snowmelt waterfalls. I named it TLC valley, who doesn’t love a 90s reference?

I arrived to camp early, at 2:30pm. These days are short, since the permits in Glacier Park are difficult to get, and I had to take what was available. The campsite by Bowman Lake was nice though!

I read from one of my e-books (“2600 Miles to Home”) for a couple of hours, made an early dinner, and went to bed early. Tomorrow is a town day!


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