Day 12: Entering Idaho

Thursday July 25, 24.7mi/39.8km

Midge Creek Campsite MT (205.7/4852ft) to Fiest Creek Restaurant ID (230.2/2520ft) +0.2mi road to restaurant

I was planning on a longer day today, so I was moving down the trail at 6:30am.

The 2000ft/600m climb went by easily in the cool morning temperatures, and I was on the ridge a couple of hours later. It was neat to see the valleys below me still blanketed in fog.

The ridgewalks were a little rocky, but not slow. And marmots everywhere!

Around lunchtime, I came to a junction with multiple trail registers. This is where some hikers choose to do a bushwhack alternate route. I stuck to the trail.

An hour later, I crossed the state line into Idaho, leaving Montana! My first state is done. Sadly, there were no signs, markings, or even stones on the ground. But I had consolation views!

On the descent from the ridge, I crossed a couple of small dirt roads, and each had this “hikers crossing” sign.

Which got me thinking, why is the first hiker bigger than the second one? Is it supposed to represent parent/child or male/female? I guess I need to find the Forest Service employee who designed the sign…

More views before the final drop into the Moyie River valley!

I arrived in the valley and followed a paved road for ten minutes, and I was at the Fiest Creek Resort. It’s a nice restaurant and bar, with waterfalls in the back.

And the owner, Cliff, is super nice to hikers! After my meal, he let me setup my tent in the yard. I didn’t realize the time zone change when I crossed into Idaho, so I’m going to bed and it’s only 8:30pm!


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