Day 2: Stoney Indian Pass

Monday, July 15, 13.6mi/21.9km

Glenn’s Lake Head camp (12.7/4865ft) to Waterton River camp (26.3/4222ft) (MT)

I slept in very late, finally packing up my tent at 9:30am. Good thing it’s a short day today! I met two of the other campers at the site, packing up their stuff too. They are hiking the CDT southbound, and also had a short day planned. Firecat & Hannibal had already hiked the AT, so this trail should feel easy.

The hike up Stoney Indian Pass was beautiful, and the trail was nicely switchbacked and easy climbing.

Looking behind me, down on Atsina Lake:

Looking ahead, at Stoney Indian Lake:

The trail actually weaves around the northern shore of SI lake, just inches above the water level.

The rest of the afternoon I spent descending to Waterton Valley, and then another couple hours hiking in the valley. I met a ranger in the valley, she checked my permit, and we discussed our future hiking plans. Turns out she had hiked the PCT in 2015, starting a week after me! Somehow Suds and I had never met on that trail, but what a fun coincidence to meet now!

I crossed the Waterton River on another fun swingbridge, and arrived to camp shortly after. I setup my tent, then went to the “kitchen” area to socialize.

I met Iceman, who is hiking the CDT southbound (already did the Arizona Trail, and Grand Enchantment Trail). I also met a couple of nice gentlemen from Calgary (Canada), and a young woman from the SF Bay area. I retired to my tent at 9pm, even though it was hot in there with the sun shining on it. The late sunsets here are crazy!

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