Day 29: A Relaxing day to Halfway

Sunday August 11, 23.5mi/37.8km

Swanson Creek Road/Church (550.0/3461ft) to Oroville (578.2/942ft) (WA) -4.7mi alt route

I had an amazing breakfast with Diana and Steve, and then we said our goodbyes. I started with the dog, Sirius Black. He is a huge wolfhound!

Steve was even generous enough to drop me off back on the trail. (Thanks!!)

I started walking at 9am, and most of today was on dirt roads. I only saw three cars.

I stopped for lunch, and then 2nd lunch at a nice ledge with some views of the valley below.

There were thunderstorms in the distance, they didn’t seem to be moving closer though. I had a relaxing stroll downhill to the highway to town.

The Okanogan backcountry horsemen had made a fancy sign for the trailhead, it was a beautiful carved wooden one.

And the first PNT highway sign I’ve ever seen!

The walk into town was two miles on a busy highway. The town of Oroville seemed nice.

I walked up to the only motel in town, and it was such a welcoming sight on their sign!

I promptly checked in, showered, and then went across the street to the Pastime Brewery for dinner. Zero day tomorrow!

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