Day 47: Island Hopping

Thursday August 29, 28.3mi/45.5km

Bayview State Park (937.0/36ft) to Deception Pass State Park/Quarry Campground (965.3/75ft) (WA)

I started walking at 7am, since I wanted to do at least 26 miles today, so I could hit a legal place to camp tonight. The first hour was on the Padilla Bay shore trail.

The mud flats are visible at low tide:

I saw a few other people out, walking their dogs before work. Then, there was a two mile roadwalk down state highway 20. I crossed a massive bridge, and I was on Fidalgo Island!

I turned off on a side road, and for two hours I walked around a peninsula that had two refineries. When I was downwind of the smokestacks, it smelled like an auto repair shop. Gross.

And nearby there was a farm. Poor cows!

I finally left the peninsula and crossed over to the city of Anacortes, via a rail-trail.

It had a neat view of Mt Baker in the distance, though it was strange seeing the juxtaposition of it next to a refinery.

I walked into the city via a bike path. There were so many boat storage facilities!

I stopped off at a BBQ place for lunch, and of course ordered chicken and waffles.

I relaxed for an hour, then got back out to cover more miles. The PNT went thru the Anacortes Community Forest for a couple of hours, which was nice.

There were dozens of trails in the forest, and my maps were extremely vague about where to turn. I definitely got some “bonus miles” in. I passed by some small lakes too, I think this one is Cranberry lake.

After a couple of hours wandering thru the forest maze, I emerged at a quiet road. These two trees look like guardians!

The next trail was easy to follow, and it had a creepy cave, or maybe mine shaft?

Some of the signage in the area was definitely not helpful. Which way is the PNT?

I guess I’m not getting drinking water anytime soon.

I walked a road for a mile, to cross a bridge into Deception Pass State Park. What a cool view!

View looking west to the Pacific Ocean:

I arrived to the campground at 6:45pm, setup, and made dinner. Long day!

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