Day 30: A zero day in Oroville

Monday August 12, 0mi/0km

Today was an unintended zero day, as I was originally planning on arriving to town today, not last night. And with the next section requiring a set schedule to comply with my camping permit for the North Cascades NP, there was no point in leaving a day early.

So, I relaxed in the motel room all morning, and watched a movie.

And then another movie…

I walked down to a deli for lunch (not much is open here on Mondays), and then went in the motel’s pool for a bit before it got too hot outside. The motel has hundreds of movies to borrow, so I continued with the Harry Potter theme, haha. After two more movies, I finished my resupply shopping. This is what seven days/six nights of food looks like.

Tomorrow, I start a 155-mile section, which will travel thru the Pasayten Wilderness and North Cascades NP, ending at Ross Lake. Then, I have a resupply box I mailed to myself at Ross Lake resort, which will keep me fed for the next 100-mile section of wilderness. So, I’m not expecting any phone signal for almost two weeks – blog posts will be delayed. 🙂

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