Day 22: Sunny and hot with a chance of cows

Sunday August 4, 23.2mi/37.3km

Northport (390.2/1355ft) to Taylor Lake (413.4/2185ft) (WA)

I packed up and said goodbye to Jami and Alison; Josh and Ryan were still sleeping. Sorry guys! On my way out of town, I hit the Mustang Grill for breakfast.

I ordered a ton of food, starting with first breakfast…

And then second breakfast.

An hour later, I left and began my daily miles. Crossing the Columbia River was fun, and even way upstream from Portland it’s still huge!

It was only 9:30am and already starting to get hot. I got out my umbrella (“chrome dome”) and that helped some. I also occasionally stepped into the stream that the trail was following.

The entire day was on a dirt road, which was actually kind of nice since there were no cars. But, there was also minimal shade.

I stopped for lunch at the 400-mile marker. Rollin along…

The were no big climbs or ridgewalks today, but still nice scenery.

Throughout the day, I had been seeing cows alongside the road. These cows were in the road, and only begrudgingly moved when I shooed them away.

I accidentally overshot my planned camp spot, since I was busy counting cows. Oops! I don’t walk backwards, so I continued on the dirt road.

Two miles later, I found a camp spot hidden in the pine trees, so it was shaded and safe from cows. Perfect!


  1. Love those TWO breakfasts, Recon! The fuel you put in your bod has and will take you anywhere! Thanks for your posts. They and my daily cinnamon roll get me out of the bed in the mornin’. Margaret Holman (Oregon PCT hitch to Bend)


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