Cape-to-Cape Track 2022

The Cape-to-Cape Track (CTC) is located in Western Australia, and begins near the town of Augusta, WA at Cape Leeuwin. It traverses 124km (77mi) of the west coast, which is generally a mediterranean climate, so it can be hiked year-round.

The trail is traditionally hiked southbound, but I will be going northbound, to finish at the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. Hiking northbound means I will begin with the more remote section, as there are fewer access points and tourist beaches in the south. Going northbound, the prevailing wind will be at my back, and the sun will be on my face. Along the way, I will pass spectacular coastal and forest scenery, rocky cliffs, seaside caves, headlands and rock formations, Karri forests, and spring wildflowers.

This track is slightly different from the other Australian tracks, in that the established campsites are fewer and with less infrastructure. There are four basic campsites with water tanks, toilets and tables, but no shelters. There are also four privately-owned caravan parks (fees), and two national park campsites. Since the track is mostly inside a National park, no pets are allowed, it’s a walk-only track (no bikes or horses), and campfires are prohibited.

I plan to hike the trail in 5 days, which means I’ll average 32km/20mi per day. After the bus drops me off, I’ll hitch from Augusta to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse (about a 10-minute drive), and begin my hike. Hopefully I’ll get to see some whales and dolphins along the way!

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