Day 43: Finally, the Rain Stops

Sunday August 25, 23.8mi/38.3km

Pioneer Horse Camp (848.7/2090ft) to Jones Creek (872.5/568ft) (WA)

I woke to the sound of rain on the tent. I laid there, enjoying being warm and dry, and waited for a pause in the rain to start packing up. And it did pause, for 20 minutes. Off I went!

The first few miles of trail were brand new, and there was still excavating equipment sitting around. It was a drizzly damp morning.

And then, the surprise bushwhack started. There was a little arrow of sticks pointing left, into the brush.

After an hour of that nonsense, I was soaked from all the vegetation. At least it had stopped raining, so I had a chance to dry out… maybe? The next couple of hours were on a wonderfully clear dirt road, and I slowly climbed up to Mt Josephine.

Near the summit, there was a nice trail, and it became quite steep. There was even a rope to use as a handrail!

The wet weather had finally stopped for good, and the sun was out. Perfect timing for the summit!

Looking down on the Skagit River valley, and the highway 20 towns:

On the descent, there were sweet views to the north too.

The rest of the day was on old dirt roads, which I like. They are like wide, well-maintained trails, and have no cars! I could see a turn-off to an old PNT section… no thanks.

My planned camp spot wasn’t an option, as it turned out to be private property. So I kept going. Then a guy in a truck went by, and asked what I was doing. I explained the trail, and he offered me water! Armed with hydration, I camped at the next flat spot I found, regardless that it was dry.

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