Day 38: North Cascades NP

Tuesday August 20, 23.8mi/38.3km

Green Point Camp (736.8/1600ft) to Twin Rocks Camp (760.6/2743ft) (WA)

The sunrise coming across the lake woke me up, so I was hiking by 7am. I was half awake, and so I was a little confused by the messages that someone had left on the trail.

I think that one was a Lord of the Rings reference. I’m not sure about this one:

Perplexing messages aside, the views were nice, and there was even a waterfall!

And then another surprise, a trailside “Thunderbox” (pit toilet)! How strange and convenient.

Shortly after that, I crossed Big Beaver Creek on one of those fun swingbridges!

Most of the day I spent hiking in Big Beaver Valley, surrounded by enormous cedar trees.

I’m guessing they are hundreds of years old.

Cedars smell so good, too. Maybe I should sleep on one, it’s now been 7 days since a real shower!

I started climbing up Beaver Pass, and left the cedar forest, but gained some views.

And at the top of the pass was an old historical shelter. I think it’s off limits to camping.

The final few miles of the day had a little more excitement. First, crossing a creek on a log, because the bridge was washed away.

And then, when I stepped off the other side of the log, a friendly danger-noodle was there to greet me!

I rolled into Twin Rocks Camp at 5:30pm, setup my tent, and ate a big dinner. All the camps in the National Park are by permit, and for my permit I had selected a spot at this camp (and last night’s camp). It’s a little more structured, and you can’t just camp wherever you want, but nice having the infrastructure (pit toilets, fire rings, picnic tables, bear boxes).

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