Continental Divide Trail 2016

The Continental Divide Trail (“CDT”), along with the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, is one of the triple-crown long-distance hiking trails. It was officially made a National Scenic Trail in 1978. It is 4830km/3000mi long, traversing the length of the Rocky Mountains through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.  The trail is relatively high in elevation, starting at 4200ft at Waterton Lake (the northern terminus), and reaching a highpoint of 4350m/14270ft on Grey’s Peak in Colorado. There is a wide range of terrain, including desert, dense boreal forests, farmland, cows, stream hiking, alpine ridges, and roadwalking.


Weekly Blog Posts:

All Packed for the CDT!

Week 1: Waterton Park AB to East Glacier MT

Week 2: East Glacier MT to Benchmark MT

Week 3: Benchmark MT to Helena MT

Week 4: Helena MT to Butte MT

Week 5: Butte MT to Darby MT

Week 6: Darby MT to Leadore ID

Week 7: Leadore ID to Macks Inn, ID

Week 8: Macks Inn ID to Dubois WY

Week 9: Dubois WY to South Pass City WY

Week 10: South Pass City WY to Battle Pass, WY

Week 11: Battle Pass WY to Grand Lake CO

Week 12: Grand Lake CO to Breckenridge CO