Getting ready for the PNT

Sunday July 7 & Monday July 8

I was busy on Sunday, unpacking and doing laundry and cleaning my gear. I stayed with friends Alice and Nick, and their apartment is dangerously close to Christina’s Ice Cream… so I may have made a few trips there during the day!

I also did some advance food shopping, as some of the towns on the PNT don’t have any grocery stores. There was a trip to Costco, and it’s amazing the quantity of cheap junk food they have.

On Monday, I packed all the food into four boxes, and mailed it to Montana and Washington. After my chores, I got together with some friends who couldn’t make it up to Maine. It was a beautiful day for a beer garden!

It was so great to see all my awesome friends again! Sadly I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted, since I had booked a 6:30am bus the next morning. Tomorrow, the traveling begins!


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