Bibbulmun Track 2022

The Bibbulmun Track (BIB) is located in Western Australia, stretching 1000km (621mi) from Kalamunda (near Perth), to Albany on the south coast. It winds through the Darling mountain range, and the heart of the scenic Southwest of Australia.

The guidebooks and maps are written from a southbound perspective, which is the same direction that I’ll be hiking. I expect to finish in Albany after about 30 days of hiking, averaging about 34km/21mi per day. This might sound fast, but there is relatively little elevation gain/loss on this trail. Also, the trail goes thru 9 towns along the way, which means I never need to carry more than 5 days’ worth of food! I love having a light backpack.

I chose a southbound direction for a couple reasons, it’s logistically simpler since I’m flying into Perth already, and I will finish the hotter northern part before the summer bushfire season starts.

Much like the Larapinta Trail, established campsites are built every 10-15km or so, with 3-sided roofed structures, long-drop toilets, picnic tables, and water tanks. It’s basically Australia’s version of the AT…but with bushfires and tiger snakes.

Along with snakes, I expect to see kangaroos, emus, parrots, karri and tingle forests, mist-shrouded valleys, wildflowers, and marshy coastal wetlands. And a few thousand of these trail markers:

The marker depicts a Rainbow Serpent, or Wagyl, which is part of the Noongar (Southwest Australian Aboriginal tribe) mythology.

Daily Blog Posts:

Preparing for Western Australia

Day 1: Rushing to Relaxing

Day 2: Rolling thru the Forest

Day 3: Flies and Flowers

Day 4: Monadnocks National Park

Day 5: Walking and Talking

Day 6: Mt. Wells

Day 7: Short Day to Dwellingup

Day 8: Out of Town, Into a Crowd

Day 9: Hiking and Swimming the Murray River

Day 10: Full of Unexpected Things

Day 11: Cruising into Collie

Day 12: Into the Watery Region

Day 13: Farm to Forest

Day 14: Long Day thru Balingup

Day 15: Finally a Rainy Day

Day 16: Crisscrossing the Donnelly River

Day 17: PUDs

Day 18: Foggy Morning into Pemberton

Day 19: Green Tunnel

Day 20: Forests, Pastures, and Coastal Plains

Day 21: Snakes on a (coastal) Plain

Day 22: Wading the Bibb

Day 23: The Ocean

Day 24: Town to Tingle Trees

Day 25: Tall Tingles and Low Tides

Day 26: Peaceful Bay, Canoeing, Roos

Day 27: Beaches and Peaks to Denmark

Day 28: Sauntering by the Sea

Day 29: Finishing in Albany