Wonderland Trail 2018

The Wonderland Trail (“WT”) is a 93-mile/150km National Recreation Trail that forms a loop around Mt Rainier in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. The trail ranges in elevation from 6,750 feet at Panhandle Gap to just 2,320 feet at Ipsut Creek Campground, and climbs 22,000ft/6700m over its length. The WT is completely within Mount Rainier National Park, and requires permits to camp, which are very limited in the peak season of July and August.


We started at Mowich Lake, and hiked anti-clockwise. Most hikers start at Longmire and hike clockwise.


Daily Blog posts:

Day 1: Elevation hurts, Hail hurts more

Day 2: Back on the PCT

Day 3: Desolation Wilderness

Day 4: Alpine Solitude

Day 5: Goodbye Sierras Hello Carson Range

Day 6: High and Dry