Day 21: Roads and Rails

Saturday August 3, 20.0mi/32.2km

Silver Creek Road camp (370.2/3130ft) to Northport (390.2/1355ft) (WA)

I had a great night’s sleep by Silver Creek, the sounds of water blocked out everything else. Today started out walking a dirt road, and there was plenty of wildlife.

After an hour, I turned onto a very deserted paved road.

Another nice morning, there were cows mooing but I didn’t see them.

After probably three hours of walking, the road approached and followed the Columbia River. Even this far upstream, it’s still a huge river.

I was getting bored of the paved roadwalk, now with almost no shade, so I jumped over to the adjacent railroad tracks.

After 20 miles of roadwalking, I arrived into town at 2pm. It was hot, so I went straight to the grocery store for an ice cream and cold beverage.

I cooled off, did my resupply for the next section, and walked to the house of local trail angels, Jami and Josh. They are super awesome people, and very entertaining to talk to. Ryan and Allison arrived just after I did, and we all had a meal from their huge garden!

After a big meal, we said goodnight to the dogs, chickens, and cats, and setup our tents in the yard.

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