Day 8: An Udderly long Roadwalk

Sunday July 21, 15.5mi/24.9km

Blacktail Creek (116.6/5984ft) to Eureka MT (132.1/2674ft) (MT)

Town days are always exciting, so I was awake at 6:15am, and hiking out by 7am. After an hour, I started getting views down into the Tobacco valley.

It was cold in the shade, and I was looking forward to the heat of the sun. The trail switchbacked right up to the Canadian border, it was fun to see the spot where they “shave” a line thru the trees.

I finished the descent and the trail deposited me onto a dirt road, which I followed for a couple of hours.

Towards the end of the dirt road, there were many farms and ranches, and sooo many cows.

Hi cows!

I arrived to town just after noon, and it had warmed up to a roasting 85F/29C, so I was glad to see my planned motel had Air conditioning!

I quickly checked in to a room, and walked down the street to get lunch.

I didn’t order the specials… pickle pizza?!? Then of course after lunch was dessert…

I spent the rest of the day resupplying, doing laundry, and relaxing in a nice cool motel room. And catching up with the world, since I’ve been disconnected for the last 8 days!

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