Colorado Trail 2020

The Colorado Trail (CT) begins near Denver in Waterton Canyon State Park. It travels 485 miles (780km) south-westward through the Rocky Mountains, crossing the Kenosha Range, Front Range, Tenmile Range, Collegiates, and San Juan Range. The Trail passes through six National Forests, six Wilderness areas, and traverses five major river systems, before it ends at Durango CO. The trail was completed in 1987, and was built for hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians. The hiking season is generally very short, as most of the trail is above 10,000ft elevation, with the highest point at 13,271ft/4045m.


Daily Blog Posts:

Getting Ready for the CT

Day 1: Waterton Canyon to Ridge above Bear Creek

Day 2: Ridge above Bear Creek to Morrison Creek

Day 7: Tenmile Range with Kumi

Day 8: Familiar Terrain

Day 9: Southbound into the CDT herd

Day 10: Collegiate East Route

Day 11: Elevation Gain and Some Rain

Day 12: Trails, Roads, Beer, Burgers

Day 13: Downhill to Salida

Day 14: Rafting and Night Hiking

Day 15: Bikers, Hikers, Mesas

Day 16: A Dry Marathon

Day 17: Cochetopa Creek

Day 18: San Luis Pass and Peak

Day 19: Cruisin’ to the CT Highpoint

Day 20: San Juans Scenery

Day 21: Uphill to Silverton

Day 22: A Quiet Day

Day 23: Pushing Over the Peaks

Day 24: Junction Creek Finish