Wind River High Route 2017

The Wind River High Route (“WRHR”) is a 97-mile/156km alpine hiking route that travels generally south-north along the crest of the Wind River Range in western Wyoming. It is a route that I’ve been itching to do ever since I hiked through here on the CDT in 2016. The WRHR shares about 10 miles of trail with the CDT in the Cirque of the Towers area, since we followed Andrew Skurka’s version of the route (there is another popular version of the route).

As a high route, it generally stays between 10-12,000ft in elevation, with a couple of climbs above 13,000ft/4000m on Wind River Peak and Downs Mountain. The hike is best described as a route, as 65 miles of it are off-trail, with only 32 miles on maintained trails. It climbs over nine high passes and three summits, drops into steep glacially carved valleys and alpine meadows, passes by hundreds of lakes and tarns, and even traverses several glaciers. The miles are hard earned (30,000ft of elevation gain), but so worth it! I was grateful to be hiking with Quickham, one of my CDT trail family, who has endless energy and is always great company.

WRHR map text


Daily Blog posts:

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Day 5: Europe Peak and Hay Pass

Day 6: Bonus Miles and Detours

Day 7: Four Hikertrash, Two Passes

Day 8: Glaciers and Downs Mountain

Day 9: Goat Flats and the Finish

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