Appalachian Trail 2019

The Appalachian Trail (“AT”) is the most popular of the 3 Triple Crown trails. Often nicknamed the “Green Tunnel”, it travels through hardwood forests as it runs along mountain ridges in 14 of America’s eastern states. It begins at Springer Mountain in northern Georgia, and travels 2,192 miles (3528km) to Katahdin Peak in Maine.

Daily Blog Posts:

Day 0: Getting ready for the AT

Day 1: Some Miles, More People

Day 2: Easier with Trail Legs

Day 3: Solitude and Swirling mists

Day 4: A Nero to Dicks Creek Gap & Hiawassee

Day 5: Entering North Carolina

Day 6: Cruising to 100

Day 7: Another cold day of climbs

Day 8: Ups and Downs to Fontana Dam

Day 9: Entering the Smokies

Day 10: First day of spring in the Snowkies

Day 11: Blue skies and white trails

Day 12: Leaving the Smokies

Day 13: Trail magic everywhere

Day 14: Nero into Hot Springs

Day 15: Tombstones and Chuck Norris

Day 16: Cruise control

Day 17: Balds and Burritos

Day 18: Uphill day

Day 19: Roan Highlands

Day 20: Leaving North Carolina

Day 21: Chasing waterfalls

Day 22: Riding the ridge

Day 23: Entering Virginia

Day 24: Hot sweaty climbs

Day 25: Grey Greyson Highlands

Day 26: Finally shorts weather

Day 27: Hiking past a quarter

Day 28: Running from the rain

Day 29: Lonely Virginia

Day 30: Downhill to town

Day 31: Zero day and taxes

Day 32: Timing is everything

Day 33: Ups and Downs

Day 34: Dragons Tooth and Hiker hunger

Day 35: McAfee Knob

Day 36: A nice quiet day

Day 37: Familiar territory

Day 38: Downhill to town

Day 39: Zero day in Glasgow

Day 40: Cruising through

Day 41: The Priest and Easter

Day 42: Descents climbs rocks and beer

Day 43: A warm downhill day

Day 44: Good trail, bad day

Day 45: A nice shenandoah day

Day 46: Rainy day

Day 47: Busy Shenandoah

Day 48: Downhill into the green tunnel

Day 49: A jam-packed day

Day 50: Entering West Virginia

Day 51: Harper’s Ferry and Maryland

Day 52: It’s humid

Day 53: Entering Pennsylvania

Day 54: Zero day in Chambersburg

Day 55: A Bon Jovi day (Halfway there)

Day 56: A day of stops

Day 57: The bugs have arrived

Day 58: Going the distance

Day 59: In the fog

Day 60: An easy day into Hamburg

Day 61: Nice Surprises

Day 62: Rain and Rocks

Day 63: More rain more rocks

Day 64: Somehow Even More Rocks

Day 65: Entering New Jersey

Day 66: Bogs, Barqs, and Burros

Day 67: Water water Everywhere

Day 68: New York is for Friends

Day 69: NY is for family

Day 70: A green tunnel day

Day 71: A perfect hiking day

Day 72: Entering Connecticut

Day 73: Empty trail

Day 74: Entering Massachusetts

Day 75: Zero day in Great Barrington

Day 76: Muggy Massachusetts

Day 77: Familiar territory

Day 78: Town hopping

Day 79: Mt Greylock

Day 80: Entering Vermont

Day 81: VerMud

Day 82: Easier on a town day

Day 83: Wilderness walking

Day 84: A cold sunny day

Day 85: Killington and Rutland

Day 86: Mostly hilly with a chance of views

Day 87: Meadows and movies

Day 88: Entering New Hampshire

Day 89: Blue skies

Day 90: Climbing peaks and Counting Crows

Day 91: Mt Moosilauke and The Whites

Day 92: Kinsman Ridge in the rain

Day 93: Franconia ridge in the sun

Day 94: Hut hopping

Day 95: The Presidentials and Mt Washington

Day 96: Wildcat and Carter Ridge

Day 97: Super Nero day into Gorham

Day 98: Entering Maine

Day 99: Mahoosuc mania

Day 100: Maine is for elevation gain

Day 101: Maine is for Rain

Day 102: Solstice, SOBOs, and skin

Day 103: 4000-footers Peakbagging Part 1

Day 104: 4000-footers Peakbagging Part 2

Day 105: 4000-footers Peakbagging Part 3

Day 106: Hurry up and Wait

Day 107: Bob is gone, a mystery

Day 108: Cruising to Monson, final trail town

Day 109: Entering the Hundred Mile wilderness

Day 110: A Busy Wilderness

Day 111: Gotta keep on moving

Day 112: A Beautiful Day to Hike

Day 113: Last Day in Hundred Mile Wilderness

Day 114: Hiking into Baxter State Park

Day 115: Mt Katahdin and Finish

Post-AT fun