Tasmania Hikes 2022

The Overland Track (OLT) is located in Tasmania, and begins near the tiny tourist town of Cradle Mountain TAS. It traverses 65km (40mi) thru Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The track…[]

I hiked these tracks during my month in Tasmania:

Overland Track

South Coast Track

Three Capes Track

Frenchmans Cap

Tarn Shelf & Mt. Field

Walls of Jerusalem

Maria Island

Freycinet Circuit

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, I retreated from two hikes, a Western Arthurs Traverse, and the Lake Rhona trail. I’ll be back someday, Tassie!

Daily Blog Posts:

Day 1, 2 & 3: Getting Ready for Tasmania

Day 4: Starting the Overland Track

Day 5: Ambling Thru the Wet Alpine

Day 6: Chasing Summits and Waterfalls

Day 7: Pine Valley and Acropolis

Day 8: Finishing the Overland Track

Day 9: Getting to Hobart

Day 10: Starting the South Coast Track

Day 11: Beaches and Boardwalks

Day 12: Climbs, Mud, Beaches, Boats

Day 13: Finishing the South Coast Track

Day 14: Roadtrip to Three Capes Track

Day 15: Three Capes Track, Free Version

Day 16: Rainy Day, MONA

Day 17: Frenchmans Cap

Day 18: Out from Frenchmans Cap

Day 19: Starting the Western Arthur Traverse

Day 20: The Weather Always Wins

Day 21: Mt Field West and Tarn Shelf

Day 22: Finishing Mt Field and Tarn Shelf

Day 23: Zero Day in Hobart

Day 24: Starting the Walls of Jerusalem

Day 25: Peakbagging Jerusalem

Day 26: Exiting Jerusalem

Day 27: Lake Rhona is a No-Go

Day 28: Going to Maria Island

Day 29: Touring Maria, Onto Freycinet Circuit

Day 30: Finishing the Freycinet Circuit

Post-Tasmania Bonus Trips

Australia Summary and Advice