Day 49: Friends, Frozen treats, and Ferries

Saturday August 31, 13.7mi/22.0km

Happy House (986.6/80ft) to Port Townsend (1000.3/10ft) (WA)

I had probably the best night of sleep on the entire trail, in a really deluxe bed! John and Rebecca fed me a huge breakfast, I packed up, and then said my goodbyes. Including Rex!

I was being visited by friends from Seattle later this morning, and I had a couple of hours of hiking to our meeting spot. It was a nice beachwalk.

As I got closer I could see a beach access road, with lots of people.

We met up and drove to the small town of Coupeville, and explored the area and all the small shops.

We had a pretty spectacular lunch, fish & chips, and then pie Ala mode. And then, we got ice cream! I was impressed with the way the shop applied the sprinkles, between each scoop. Maximum sprinkles!

Four hours went by way too quickly, and it was so much fun catching up and making jokes. Next time, I’ll go to Seattle!

The rest of the beach walk was nice, and then the trail went by an old fort.

I arrived to the ferry terminal at 4:45pm, which turned out to be perfect timing, the next one was departing at 5pm. The next six miles of the PNT are officially on a ferry, which is the only way to cross from this island back to the mainland.

The views from the ferry were pretty cool.

I walked off the ferry 45 minutes later, and into downtown Port Townsend. I had reserved a room at the Water Street Inn, and it was a huge historic building!

I grabbed a quick dinner at Pizza Factory (meh, chain food), finished planning my camping itinerary in Olympic NP, and went to bed.

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