Day 8: Cruising to the Finish

Saturday September 5, 18.9mi/30.4km

Ouluska Lean-to (120.9/1940ft) to Lake Placid Train Depot (139.8/1760ft) (NY)

We packed up and hit the trail at 7:30am, aiming to finish the trail by late afternoon.

After a mile, we passed by a “Hermitage”, where this guy had lived for his whole life.

A couple hours into the morning, I saw this sign at a trail junction. It’s very befitting of this trail that there are two different distances listed for “Long Lake Trailhead” on the same post.

We crossed a branch of the Cold River on what appeared to be an old road bridge. I wonder how many years ago this was drivable?

The large Brook under the bridge.

We stopped for a break at Duck hole Lean-to, which appeared to be brand new. It still had the fresh wood smell!

A couple hours of hiking later, and we stopped for lunch at the final Lean-to on the trail, Moose Pond. We didn’t see any moose (meese?) but did see some good artwork.

The rest of the hike out was flat and easy, though the trail was muddy. Occasionally there was a small waterfall to distract from the green tunnel.

Looks like a bear was using this tree!

We went chasing waterfalls.

Michele providing the entertainment, those tree burls are huge. “I like big burls and I cannot lie…”

We hiked out of the woods at 5:30pm, and into the trailhead parking area.

After enjoying a nice cold beer by the river, I hiked the last 2miles, which is a roadwalk.

I walked into town of Lake Placid, and I knew I was close when I saw the train tracks.

The Train Depot is the northern terminus of the trail.

Michele had driven into town and picked up food, and what a great way to celebrate finishing the trail, pizza and ice cream! We had a couple hours drive back to my car in Northville, back at the Southern terminus.

So, Northville-Placid trail complete! Tomorrow I will drive to Vermont and hike for 10 days on the Long Trail, to finish what I started last year.

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