Day 1: Day Driving, Night Hiking

Sunday September 6, 5.0mi/8.0km

US Highway 4 Trailhead (104.5/1886ft) to Gifford Rolston Shelter (109.5/2175ft) (VT)

I left the Adirondacks at 7am and drove the 2 hours over to Vermont.

I met my brother, Jeff, in Rutland VT. We will be hiking the Long Trail together, heading north for 170 miles to the Canadian border. After a resupply shopping trip at Price Chopper, we drove the 2.5 hours north to the Northern terminus, dropped off a car, and drove the 2.5 hours back to the trailhead near Rutland. By this time, it was almost 8pm and dark, and we packed up by headlamp in the parking lot.

All packed up!

Saying goodbye to the car. Be back in 10 days!

We started hiking in more layers, it was cold.

After a mile, we hit the famous Maine Junction. From here, the Appalachian Trail continues to Maine, while the Long Trail travels thru Vermont to the Canadian Border.

There was a shelter near here, but we continued on another 4 miles in the dark.

After a couple hours, I heard a lot of noises coming from a tree above the trail. A porcupine!

We got to the next shelter just after midnight, and setup our tents. It was easy to fall asleep after a long day of driving!


  1. Wow! Good for you Jeff to join your brother! Nice to have such an experienced person with you! Have agreat time both of you! Looking forward to following your Blog!

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