Day 7: Loooong Lake and Cold River

Friday September 4, 23.2mi/37.3km

Blue Ridge (97.7/3020ft) to Ouluska Lean-to (120.9/1940ft) (NY)

I had an early start from the ridge, departing at 6:30am in the dawn light.

The trail descended the ridge quickly, dropping all the way back to 2000ft elevation. The meadows were wet and full of nice boardwalks.

I crossed highway 28N and did a quick 15 minute roadwalk up a residential street. It was still early and the neighborhood was quiet. I turned off the road and into the woods again.

The trail cruised on flat terrain along Long Lake for three hours, but seldom coming down to the lakeshore.

When it did go to the shore, the views were great!

I passed this curiousity along the way, it’s a small structure over a spring. I’m not sure why the spring needed protection, but the water was cold and delicious.

After some more smooth trail…

..I emerged onto the lakeshore for the final time.

I had lunch at the Plumley Point Lean-to, taking in the sounds and sights of Long Lake a final time.

After lunch, I left the lakeshore and turned inland. First, I crossed Moose Creek on a fun swingbridge.

And a short while later, the massive Cold River on another swingbridge.

It’s a big river.

The next section of trail was on an old overgrown road, and had all sorts of interesting plants.

I followed the Cold River upstream for 5 miles, occasionally getting a glimpse of it up close.

This was Miller’s Falls, a popular camping and swimming area.

I arrived to Ouluska Lean-to at 5pm, and met my Friend Michele! After enjoying a nice happy hour, we setup our tents and had dinner.

She had brought a ton of food, and I had some extra too, and it was a feast for our last night in the woods. It was almost 9pm when I went to bed, tomorrow is the last day of this trail!

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