Day 5: RAIN

Wednesday September 2, 18.8mi/30.3km

Spruce Lake Lean-to #1 (52.0/2390ft) to Cedar River Lean-to (70.8/2120ft) (NY)

It had rained hard most of the night,and I was glad to have stayed in the Lean-to. I started off the morning with dry skies and wet trails.

There was a random benchmark in the middle of the trail.

As I passed by a small unnamed pond, it began to rain again.

The rain fell for the rest of the morning, making everything look so green.

There were dozens of ponds, lakes and streams today. The bridge over West Canada creek was on of the larger structures.

I passed by South Lake, and the beach looked so nice. I wished it was a sunny day.

The bridge over South Lake’s outlet was even bigger.

I stopped for lunch at Cedar River lean-to #3, which was totally not worth it. I wanted a dry place to stop and eat, but it was almost a half mile off the trail.

There were some funny old beer cans inside, including Genesee and Utica Club.

I ate lunch in the Lean-to while enjoying the sounds of the loons on the lake.

I walked by dozens of these very bright purple flowers today, not sure what they are.

I crossed the Cedar River on a long wooden bridge. The river is dammed up, so there is a lake on either side.

I’m not sure what this underground room was, the door opened right onto the trail.

The old cedar River dam, now mostly disassembled.

Only 4.7 more miles to go to a dry Lean-to!

This section of trail was especially verdant with all the ferns.

I came to this junction and turned off to my Lean-to for the night, Cedar River.

There were already two guys camped in it, but they were very friendly and moved to one side. We made dinner and watched another raincloud move in, drenching the fields around us. I fell asleep to the sound of steady rain on the roof of the lean-to.

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