Day 14: Junction City

Monday July 6, 17.1mi/27.5kmJunction City BLM campground (257.5/1440ft) to Big Creek at FR16 (273.3/3150ft) (CA) +1.3mi to campgroundI was excited for town food, and I was out of the campground and on the road early.A quick 30 minutes later and I was in “town”.It’s just a general store attached to a post office.But, it was all I needed, and I spent almost 4 hours eating and recharging my electronics. A bagel, orange, and yogurt were first breakfast; then a microwave burrito and bag of grapes; finally an 8-inch pie, Caesar salad and some snapples. Yum. I was full, so I walked out of town, crossing the Trinity River.The entire day was roadwalking, but after I turned onto Dutch Creek road I didn’t see any cars, so it felt like a wide trail.Apparently people drive this route to Hayfork, the town I’ll be in tomorrow.The road was seldom used, nature is reclaiming the edges.I took a break in the shade at one if the many creek crossings. The culverts here are huge.I had a gradual 3000 foot climb over 10 miles, which I barely even noticed. I got to the top at 5pm, then started right back down.I found a nice quiet spot by Big Creek, away from the road.Tomorrow will be more roadwalking into Hayfork, the last town on this trail.

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