Day 13: Longer than Expected

Sunday July 5, 27.0mi/43.5km

Stuart Fork River (230.5/4920ft) to Junction City BLM campground (257.5/1440ft) (CA)

I slept great in my spot next to the river, and felt recovered from my exertions yesterday. The trail was really nice all morning.
I passed thru a couple big meadows, and all of a sudden I could see the mountains around me.
The trail crossed over Deer Creek and Salt Creek, both of which had big metal bridges.
But strangely, when it came time to cross the main Stuart Fork River, I had to ford it!
This was the deepest crossing of any of the rivers on the Bigfoot Trail, I would not have wanted to cross it a month ago during snowmelt. Then there was the 3000ft climb up to the ridge. The trail was mostly nice, overgrown in just a few parts. I passed a waterfall:
And some more nice meadows:
The view from the top was cool, I could see both sides of the ridge. Looking across the Canyon Creek valley:
And down the Canyon Creek valley, which I was about to walk.

The descent to the trailhead was relaxing, mostly thru mature conifer forest.
And this other type of leafy forest, the trees are so dense.
I passed by the trailhead, I think the distances are optimistic.
There were at least 50 cars parked there, must be a weekend. I quickly left and started the long roadwalk.
I passed by a historical monument to an old mining village along the way.
These trees are so cool, lots of shade, and their bark is so smooth.
I walked longer than expected, due to the lack of public land along the road. The No trespassing signs, abandoned cars, and trashy dilapidated houses made it very clear. Finally I got to the turnoff for the campground in hwy 299.
I got to the Junction City BLM campground at 7pm, and I chatted with a nice guy from Ohio for awhile, and we ate clementine oranges, so good after a hot day in the sun.
Tomorrow, only a mile to town!

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