Post-AT fun

Saturday July 6, 0mi/0km

We were all pretty sore and beat up from the hike up Katahdin, so today was a paddling day! We walked over to Daicey Pond, and rented canoes from the ranger station.

There were even loons swimming near us. What a great final day in Maine!

Around noon, the sky started to get dark and cloudy… time to leave the water.

We returned the canoes and left Baxter Park, driving the 45 minutes to the town of Millinocket. As tradition dictated, we went to the AT Cafe for a celebratory meal.

Another tradition is for thru-hikers to sign a ceiling tile upon finishing the trail. Done!

After a wonderful sandwich and milkshakes, we hit the road at 3pm, and began the 5+ hour drive back to Boston. It was slow going with all the heavy rain and thunderstorms, props to Cailigh for doing all the driving!

The next few days won’t have regular blog updates, as I get cleaned up from the AT, and ready for the next trail, and then travel west!

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