Day 64: Somehow Even More Rocks

Tuesday May 14, 15.5mi/24.9km

Wind Gap (1279.9) to Delaware Water Gap (1295.4) (PA)

What a great night to be indoors! It rained off & on thru the night, and it was still so cold when we left the motel at 8:30am.

The rain had stopped, but the rocks continued today.

There was another knife edge section, which took forever on the slippery slabs of rock. At least this one had a neat view of the undercast valley.

At the end of today’s hike, the ridge we were following ended at the Delaware river. There were cool views of the Delaware Water Gap, with the river and freeway way below.

I descended 1000ft/300m to the river valley, and entered a whole new world with lush plants, ponds, and warm temperatures.

There is a church in town that allows hikers to stay in their basement, so I went there. It was simple but clean – a room with eight bunks, a shower, a toilet, and a sitting room.

Bob and I dropped off our packs, and walked around town to get food. After a first meal at the local bistro, we stopped by a bakery.

Everything looked so good, it was hard to choose.

So I got a pie AND ice cream. Why choose?

We did a quick resupply shopping trip, to get us thru the next four days into New Jersey and New York. Goodbye Pennsylvania!

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