Day 60: An easy day into Hamburg

Friday May 10, 18.8mi/30.3km

Hertline campsite (1201.1) to Hamburg (1219.9) (PA)

It was a short day before town, and I was excited about all the food options, so it was easy to wake up early. Bob and I packed up and hiked out at 7am. The miles flew by on easy trail, with a pretty flat elevation profile.

Of course it was foggy again. This seems to be the pattern in PA.

There really wasn’t much to see in the green tunnel, and the one viewpoint was just thick fog. By the end of the morning, the rocks that Pennsylvania is famous for had started.

The last couple of miles were rocky, and then there was a steep descent to town.

The trail goes right thru Port Clinton, which seemed like a depressing little town.

I picked up my new shoes at the post office, and then Bob and I got a ride into nearby Hamburg. It had every chain restaurant imaginable, a couple hotels, walmart, and more. We went to the Cabelas first, a national chain of outfitters for hunting/fishing. This one was fuccillo-sized (huuuge)!

Afterwards we went to resupply groceries, and eat dinner at Red Robin (bottomless salad and fries!). People often ask what hiking food I buy, so here’s a photo. Lots of variety!

It was a nice night in town, and staying indoors at the Microtel while it drizzled outside.

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