Day 59: In the fog

Thursday May 9, 23.6mi/38.0km

Rausch Gap shelter (1177.8) to Hertline Campsite (1201.1) (PA) + 0.3mi side trail

I woke up last of everyone in the shelter, and surprisingly got started hiking first. Immediately there was a detour around a flooded section of trail, due to beaver activity.

The trail stayed low in some fields in the morning, and went thru Swatara Gap state park.

There was a cool old bridge at the end of the park. It looked like it used to be a car bridge, since it was so over-engineered for hiking use.

I caught up to Bob, who had passed me earlier, and also met Beth. We took a quick break, but didn’t linger as it wasn’t that warm out today. But, I warmed up quickly, as soon as we passed under the interstate (I-81, one last time), there was a big 1000ft climb.

Up on the ridge, the fog was even thicker. There really wasn’t much to see in the green tunnel all afternoon.

There were these bright orange salamanders crawling all over the trail. They didn’t seem to be bothered by people, or attempt to flee at all.

As the day went on, the fog started to thin, and by 5pm, there was almost a view!

Just before camp, an actual view. Looking south.

At camp, the remaining available tent platform was a little small, so Bob and I squeezed our tents (Big Agnes fly creek, Tarptent rainbow) onto the single platform.

Hopefully tomorrow’s forecasted rain holds off until we get to town!

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