Day 54: Zero day in Chambersburg

Saturday May 4, 0mi/0km

Chambersburg PA (1086.2)

Today was a fun relaxing day! After a couple of errands to the post office and buying a fuel can, we visited historic downtown Chambersburg.

The old county jail offered tours, and it was a cool way to explore the history.

The jail had huge thick doors, with a 200-year old key.

The yard was used for prisoner exercise, and the occasional execution by hanging.

After the tour, it was time for dinner, and the Kentucky derby.

I also did a quick resupply at Giant (mediocre grocery store). It’s only 2.5 days to the next town of Duncannon, so it’s a nice small amount of food to carry.

It has rained all day and night, and it’s supposed to stop tomorrow afternoon. It’s been a great weekend of relaxing with the fam, and staying dry indoors!


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