Day 53: Entering Pennsylvania

Friday May 3, 20.9mi/33.6km

Campsite S of Penmar Park MD (1065.3) to Locust Gap Rd PA (1086.2)

My family is coming down to visit today! They were planning to arrive at 3pm. Thunderstorms were also forecast to start at 3pm, so I had plenty of reasons to get an early start!

It was another warm morning, with very dense fog. The trail was quite and smooth nice again.

After a half mile, I walked through Penmar Park, which sits on the state line, and was the site of a small amusement park until the 1930s.

I continued on another few minutes to… the Mason-Dixon line! I had officially entered the north, and Pennsylvania! 6 states done, 8 to go!

It was only 7:30am, so there were no other people around, good thing I packed my selfie arm.

There were many small road crossings all morning, and Pennsylvania has these cool signs at each crossing.

I stopped for a 2nd breakfast break at a shelter, since they always have nice places to sit.

This one actually had two shelters! One labeled “snoring” and other “non- snoring”. Haha!

There was one lookout point called Chimney Rock. Because of the dense fog, there wasn’t much to see.

Finally, around noon, the fog burned off, and I had a sunny ridgewalk!

It quickly got hot, so when I got to another park a couple of hours later, I took a quick dip in the river. Caledonia state park also had a pool, but it wasn’t open for the season yet.

I was ahead of schedule, so I continued on another 1.5 miles, so I would have less to do on Sunday. Unfortunately, the “road” I was planning on being picked up at, wasn’t a road any longer. It looks like it hadn’t been a road in 20 years!

Oops. So I walked on a side trail a half mile to a trailhead parking lot, and it all worked out! I hadn’t seen my parents since last September, so it was a fun reunion spot! We went into town in Fayetteville, and had a nice dinner as the forecasted storms started. Perfect timing, and a great day!

Happy birthday Jeff!

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