Day 23: Zero Day in Hobart

Monday December 12, 0km/0mi

Hobart (10m) (TAS)

I had booked a room at the Central Hotel for 2 nights, so I didn’t have to go anywhere today. It was great! It’s on Collins Street, one of the main routes in Hobart’s CBD, so I didn’t have to walk far to anything. Including donuts! I tried “Circle of Life” which had all sorts of crazy flavors. I got a standard cinnamon donut and a timtam crumb donut, and my blood sugar rose in anticipation.

I went back to the hotel room and checked out the local TV channels.
There was a reality show about duplicating a popular Australian candy called Snakes Alive, and a backyard barbecue version of Top Chef, haha. I tried something new for lunch, Malaysian food. I noticed that Australia generally has many options for southeast Asia cuisine, something generally lacking in the US.

On the walk back, I thought my feet felt cold. Upon closer inspection, my shoes were falling apart! It wasn’t surprising, since I usually get 100km/650mi out of a pair of shoes, and it has been almost 1500km. C’mon shoes, just one more week to go!

I did some makeshift repairs with a sewing kit from the hotel reception desk, and a 2-part epoxy I bought at a hardware store. Tomorrow morning I will head to wherever the weather looks driest – which is currently the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. Weather is Tasmania is so wet and chilly!

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