Day 9: Getting to Hobart

Monday November 28, 0km/0mi

Cynthia Bay Campground to Hobart City (TAS)

I didn’t do much today, it was a lazy morning, and I showered and checked-out at 11am from the bunkhouse. I spent the next 3 hours in the cafe, enjoying pizza and a couple Pale Ales, and hanging out with the same group from last night. They are a fun bunch! I boarded my shuttle bus just after 2pm, and napped for most of the ride. I arrived to my hostel, Narrara Backpackers, just after 5pm.

I took some time to take inventory of my gear and food, and made a shopping list. I like to combine everything into one trip, it’s too far (1.5km) to keep walking back and forth. I went downtown to a seafood restaurant, and saw some interesting buildings along the way.

The waterfront area, of course, had the best seafood restaurants.

I devoured an amazing seafood platter, with some good fish and calamari…but the scallops were the best I’ve ever had. Fish Frenzy was a great little seafood place! I strolled over to Woolworths (grocery store) and saw the city’s Christmas decorations along the main street.

By the time I finished my shopping, it was 8pm and threatening to rain soon. So instead of walking back, I tried a new e-scooter service called Beam. I downloaded the app, and rented a scooter, dropping it off directly in front of my hostel. I arrived in half the time, and it was only $5…seems decent. Tomorrow I am planning on trying to book a flight to the start of the South Coast Track, as the weather for that part of the island looks great for 4 out of the next 5 days …which is rare. Fingers crossed!

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