Day 0: Roadwalk Warmup

Sunday February 14, 1.7mi/2.7km

Lake Placid Train Depot (0.0/1760ft) to Averyville Road Trailhead (1.7/1840ft) (NY)

I sorted and organized all my food and finished packing up my gear. I went through my checklist and everything was accounted for, so I threw it in the car and hit the road.

I drove over to Jim’s house in Albany, put my backpack in his truck, and along with Mark, the three of us drove up to the Adirondacks together. The first 1.7mi of the NPT is a roadwalk, so we got that done in the afternoon. It starts out at the old train depot in Lake Placid, and follows sidewalks for a half mile before it becomes a true roadwalk on a rural paved road.

There was a trail sign at one of the road intersections, so we got a group photo.

After 30 minutes we had arrived at the trailhead, and I got a quick photo before we turned around and walked back to the truck. Tomorrow morning we will start from this point, heading into the woods on skis.

With the road walk done, we drove a little further up to Barrett’s house. He has graciously offered to host us at his house, and support our thru-hike. It should be quite an adventure!

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