Day 5: A marathon and some 4000-footers

Friday September 25, 27.1mi/43.6km

Emily Proctor Shelter (141.9/3445ft) to Cowles Cove Shelter (169.0/2516ft) (VT)

I was awake at 6am and hiking at 6:30. A mile later, I got to watch the sun rise.

Most of the morning was up on a ridge with short stunted trees.

An hour later I found a viewpoint, I could see down into the fog covered valley below.

I stopped for 2nd breakfast at a shelter, and refilled my water, it’s surprisingly dry out here.

Next up was Mt Grant, a 3600ft mountain that is on Vermont’s Presidential traverse, and a mossy summit as well.

I came to Sunset Ledge, and saw heaps of dayhikers.

A quick mile later, and I was at the highway at Lincoln Gap.

On the climb out of the gap/pass, I saw a few very random things. The Gandalf rocks (“you shall not pass”):

And a presumably misplaced bouquet of flowers.

I stopped for lunch at the Battell shelter, it even had a picnic table. I’m a sucker for a nice table!

I hiked on another mile, and summited Mt Abraham. It’s one of Vermonts 4000-footers, and it was steep.

The requisite benchmark photo.

The next summit on the ridge was “little Abe”, ha!

The view from nearby Lincoln peak was much better.
Looking south:

Looking north:

The Sugarbush ski resort is below the ridge on this part of the trail.

The summit of another 4000 footer, Mt Ellen, was unremarkable.

I followed a ski trail for a little while, it was nice.

And then I exited the Green Mountain NF, and entered Mad River Glen ski resort.

The view from the top of the single chair lift was nice.

There was a nice building at the top, “Starks nest”. Hikers are allowed to sleep here, but I think it’s primary purpose is for skiiers.

A mile later, I passed by a random gnome.

The descent of the ridge was steep. So many ladder rungs!

At one point there was a fork, a choice to make. Standard route, or cave route?

No thanks, too tight for me.

I arrived at the next road, Appalachian Gap just before 5pm. It was full of people.

It was funny to see this sign, only 109mi to Canada.

The trail climbed insanely steeply for a half mile, gaining 500ft.

I had a view a mile later, looking north to camel’s hump.

I hiked on, I came to a junction at 7pm. 2.9mi to go!

I arrived at the Cowles Cove Shelter at 8pm, and very tired. The shelter was empty, so I setup camp in there to save time in the morning. Hopefully there’s not too many mice…

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