Day 3: Exit at Brandon Gap

Tuesday September 8, 0.9mi/1.4km

Sunrise Shelter (124.4/2546ft) to Brandon Gap/Hwy 17 (125.3/2175ft) (VT)

Jeff and I were awake at 7am, and we were packed up and walking at 7:45.

It was only a mile from the shelter to the road, so it didn’t take long.

We got to the road shortly after 8am, and walked to the trailhead parking lot to hitch a ride.

We got a ride after only 30 minutes of trying, not bad for 2 males, and in a pandemic year. We got back to Jeff’s car, and spent the rest of the day doing fun Vermont Touristy things – Ben and Jerry’s, Smugglers Distillery, Cabot Cheese, and driving thru the mountains. I’ll be back to Vermont to finish the last 145 miles of trail, hopefully soon!

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