Day 10: Zero-ish Day in Mammoth

Wednesday July 22, 0.6mi/1.0km

Mammoth Pass (114.8/9360ft) to Mammoth Lakes Town (114.8/8060ft) (CA) + 0.6mi side trail

I was in my tent until 8am, updating my blog. I packed up and hiked the easy half mile to the trailhead.

I waited awhile for the first bus to arrive at 9am, and entertained myself reading all the interpretive signs.

The bus was cool, it was a old trolley style, and it had open sides for better ventilation.

I got to town at 9:30am and went straight to the grocery store, since I can’t check-in to a hotel this early. It was an amazing sight, I was craving fruit!

After that errand, I ate breakfast #2 at Basecamp Cafe, and had lunch #1 at Jimmy’s BBQ.

Pulled pork is a food group! I caught up with friends and family on the phone, and enjoyed several ice creams while doing so. I had to make up for lack of birthday ice cream a few days ago!

Tomorrow morning, I catch the bus back up to the trail and continue on, six more days to the finish!

Happy birthday Katie!

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