Day 1: Into the Dark

Monday July 13, 4.1mi/6.6km

Copper Creek Trailhead (0.0/5035ft) to Lower Tent Meadow (4.1/7810ft) (CA)

I drove most of the day, heading south on the 99 freeway to Fresno. With a couple stops for a new shirt and printing my permit, and the traffic, I didn’t arrive to the trailhead until 8pm. Sunset was at 8:45pm so I got some quick photos at the trailhead.

They even had a boot cleaning station for invasive seeds! Just like New Zealand.

The trail was very nice the whole way, the flat part only lasted a couple minutes before it started to climb.

After about 1000ft/300m of climbing, I got one last photo of the mountains across the river canyon before the sunset.

It was getting darker…

By the time I got to the campsite at Lower tent meadows, I had climbed 2800ft and it was 10pm. I had a quick snack, crawled into my tent and promptly fell asleep.

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