Double Zero, Bigfoot Trail to Sierra High Route

Saturday July 11 & Sunday July 12, 0mi/0km

I spent two days off my feet, and getting cleaned up and organized for the next hike!

I spent 1.5 hours driving the dirt FS roads to get back into civilization.

Eventually the road turned paved and dropped 5000 feet to the valley.

It was grossly hot down low.

I spent most of the day driving south down the coast. And I found a new flavor of pop that was very refreshing… lemonade Ginger ale!

I met up with one of my CDT trail family, Bard. He and his girlfriend had moved to California, and we reminisced hiking stories and had some delicious Thai food for dinner. I spaced on photos, I only managed to get one of the cool little old train depot building that I slept in.

I said my goodbyes the next morning (from 6ft/2m away of course), and made a quick trip down to my friend Matt’s house in Oakland. Again, I spaced on photos, but he looks the same. 🙂 I stopped for dinner #1 immediately afterwards.

I drove inland, and had dinner #2, at another In-N-Out burger. Hiker hunger is real! I also went grocery shopping for my resupply for the first 10 days on the Sierra High Route.

It’s a ton of food, and it doesn’t come close to fitting in the bear canister.

I checked into a nearby motel, it had been a week since my last real shower with soap.

Tomorrow I have a few more small errands (printing my permit, buying a new shirt), and then I make the drive to Road’s End trailhead in King’s Canyon National Park!

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