Day 1: The ocean and the Redoods

Tuesday June 23, 19.2mi/30.9km

Battery Point Lighthouse (0.0/10ft) to Redwood NP boundary (16.2/1900ft) (CA) + 3.0mi approach from airport

I finished the drive and got into town at 8am. After a quick stop at the Safeway, I dropped off the rental car at the local airport. Its a tiny airport, I think they just paved the road to it last year! I walked off the airport and along the beach for three miles.

The roadwalk was nice, there were only a couple passing cars, and wide shoulders to walk on.

As I got closer to town, the beach got rockier, and I could see the lighthouse in the distance.

The battery Point Lighthouse was one of the first built on the west coast, and there is still a light keeper living in it today. Since the tide was low, I figured I would go visit it (not passible at high tide).

There were some enormous whale bones too. Wow.

I lingered for awhile reading all the displays, and then walked thru town. Crescent City started off nice, then quickly became a little uncomfortable after I turned down a side road to the forest.

There was some interesting local artwork too.

After I entered the forest,things got much nicer. And I was in Redwood state & national parks!

The trees were fuccillo-sized (huuuuge). I tried to get photos with people for size reference.

I walked among the giants for a couple hours, and saw a few dozen people along the way. Eventually, the trail dropped me out at the confluence of the Mill River and Smith River.

I left the redwoods and started on the Little Bald Hills trail, which climbed 1800ft but was very well maintained, and even had bridges, venches, and switchbacks!

At the top of the climb, I entered a Jeffrey Pine forest, with good views all around.

The grassy Meadows were full of flowers, and these orange ones were very flashy.

I hiked another mile, and setup camp as soon as I passed the boundary for the National park. (No camping in the park). It’s a beautiful warm night, though the mosquitos seem to be enjoying it too.

Happy birthday, mom!

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  1. Thanks Jon! Loved going on this ‘virtual’ journey with you. Nature, artworks, lovely flower & of course seeing you!


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