Day 88: Entering New Hampshire

Friday June 7, 9.6mi/15.4km

West Hartford VT (1740.2) to Hanover NH (1749.8)

Despite sleeping in a bed, it was probably the worst night of sleep on the trail. So I started early, to get out of that dusty garage. Immediately we crossed under the I-89 freeway in a neat tunnel.

The trail went into the woods, and it was an enjoyable couple of hours of walking. There were no views, and I wasn’t fully awake, so I took only one photo.

Upon exiting the woods, there was a 2 mile/3km roadwalk into town. One of the mailboxes had ridiculous stickers, I laughed out loud.

I stopped at a general store for a resupply, and saw the yogurt selection. They actually had blackcurrant flavor! This was everywhere overseas but weirdly difficult to find in the US.

The remainder of the roadwalk led me over the Connecticut River, and into New Hampshire.

Hanover NH is a college town, home of Dartmouth college. And it was commencement weekend, so everywhere was really busy. And the famous cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, is the commencement speaker!

I stopped by the post office, and I picked up my new shoes. This is the last pair for this trail, there’s only 450 miles to go!

After the Post office, we called a local trail angel, and she picked us up at the library, and took us to her “hiker room” at her house. They even have a pool!

Karen and Jon were very accommodating and friendly hosts, and Bob and I had a great time swapping stories with them at dinner. What a great start to New Hampshire!

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