Day 78: Town hopping

Tuesday May 28, 20.6mi/33.2km

October Mountain shelter (1559.3) to Cheshire MA (1579.9) (MA)

It was a cold morning, only 50F/10C, so I started hiking as soon as I could, at 6:45am. It was also a town day, and the prospect of hot food and ice cream got me motivated! The morning miles were almost completely in the trees, so I didn’t get many photos.

The one view, facing west toward New York and the Catskill mountains.

It was still cold, and the temperature never got warmer! So we kept moving, without any long breaks.

We got to the town of Dalton just before lunchtime. It is an old mill town on the Housatonic River.

We are some hot subs at a local shop, and by the time we were finished, a rainstorm had arrived. So, the 8 miles in the afternoon were “umbrella miles”.

My hands were too cold & wet to use the touchscreen very well, so I only took one photo…

We arrived to another town at 4pm, in Cheshire MA. Our planned spot to sleep was at a local church, but it was locked. So, we called a nearby motel for a room, and waited for the arrival of my friend “Aquamira Snotrocket”, who had hiked the AT in 2018. She brought some drinks, some good stories, and the best pistachio cake I’ve ever had! I forgot to get a group photo…oops.

Hoping tomorrow is warmer and/or drier!

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