Day 50: Entering West Virginia

Tuesday April 30, 21.0mi/33.8km

Campsite near Buzzard Hill VA (1000.2) to Four-mile tentsite WV (1021.2)

I accidentally got a late start this morning, and by the time I started hiking at 8:30am, it was already 75F/24C and humid. Ugh. And with the lower elevation, it really felt like a green tunnel.

I made slow progress all morning on the “roller coaster” a series of steep climbs and descents. I got to a road crossing at noon, and saw the trailhead information board. Some elementary school kids had put jokes up for hikers to read. Stuff like “I made a hiking playlist, I call it a trail mix. It has a lot of Eminem”. Amazing!

Across the street, I caught some trail magic! I hung out for awhile, and Oates and Groot (two other thrus) showed up as well.

After an hour of nice conversation, and some hot dogs, pop, and chips, I hiked on to finish the roller coaster. And then, I finally finished the Virginia section, and entered West Virginia! Woo-hoo, 4 states done!

There was one nice viewpoint all day, so I stopped and took a break there.

The rest of the afternoon was super flat trail up on a ridge, and it went by fast.

There were occasionally some view spots, but it was so humid, all I could see was a cloud.

What a shocking view. 🙂

I got to a campsite at 6:30pm, and quickly setup my tent as I could hear thunder in the distance. Tomorrow is Harpers Ferry, the “mental halfway point”!

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