Day 44: Good trail, bad day

Wednesday April 24, 20.7mi/33.3km

Rockfish Gap/Waynesboro (863.7) to Blackrock Hut (884.4) (VA)

Lightfoot and I got a ride back to the trail from the hostel owner at 10am. The trail immediately enters Shenandoah National Park.

There was a big storm here a month ago, and there were trees down everywhere. The self registration kiosk for hikers was smashed beyond recognition. Skyline drive was even closed for 20 miles!

About a mile in, I passed by this random rock that someone has painted a message on.

It was a long struggle to get to the top of this climb, and each one after. I was feeling very tired, my ankles hurt, and I needed energy but I wasn’t hungry. The tractor seats were a nice touch on the summit though!

Every 3 or 4 miles, the trail would cross skyline drive, and there would be a view.

Apparently we must’ve been skirting some boundary line, because we entered the park… again.

I have walked by thousands of fallen logs that have been cut by trail maintenance crews. This log had a hollow center, with a giant black ratsnake living inside. That was a good way to wake up from my daze!

And of course, shenandoah is filled with too many deer, none of which are afraid of people. They just stand there in the trail.

I got to the shelter at 7pm, ate some crackers and water, and went to bed. Tomorrow will be better!

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