Day 24: Hot sweaty climbs

Thursday April 4, 15.6mi/25.1km

Damascus (471.0) to Lost Mountain shelter (486.6) (VA)

I slept in until 7:30am, the beds and room was so comfortable and quiet. I take a quick trip to the post office to mail ahead my extra sleeping bag, and then Bob and I hit the Damascus Diner. I eat way too much biscuits and gravy, grits and eggs. The waitress, Megan, comes by to chat at the end of the meal, and she is from Amsterdam NY, where I have family too!

We talk for a bit, and I think I made her a little homesick, especially for Battisti’s pizzeria.Bob and I leave town at noon, and for the first time on this trail, I’m too hot. It’s 70F/21C, and we have to climb 2000ft. The trail is very well constructed in this section and easy to follow.

The AT follows the Virginia Creeper trail, a 35-mile bike trail that was converted from an old railroad line. Occasionally I could see that trail down below.

There were a couple more small PUDs (pointless ups and downs), and then we rejoined the Creeper trail.

Tunnel of rhododendrons!

The AT and VCT are the same trail for almost a mile, and it had some impressive huge bridges.

Bob and I arrived at the shelter at 5:30pm, and setup inside the shelter knowing it will rain tonight. Three other hikers, Sovereign, Turbo, and Xeilo are already there.

The shelters in Virginia have privies again! (Tennessee shelters did not). And someone has written the complete text of The Lorax on the wall. Best toilet ever, haha. Tomorrow might be a short day too, depending on when the rain stops in the morning…

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