Day 23: Entering Virginia

Wednesday April 3, 18.9mi/30.4km

Double Spring Shelter TN (452.1) to Damascus VA (471.0)

It was a cold 35F/2C morning, but we got up and on trail by 7:45am. It’s a town day! The trail was an easy cruise all morning, and the day warmed up fast with the strong sun.

Bob and I stopped for a quick lunch at the last shelter in Tennessee, then went another couple of miles to the border. We are in Virginia!

There was some brief celebration with music (“Meet Virginia” of course), and many other cheesy photos that didn’t make the cut.

After another hour of easy downhill trail, we arrived in Damascus, the first trail town in Virginia!

As my TA (Te Araroa) trail family knows, I can’t resist a playground. So many things to climb!

And Bob (that’s his trail name) found an old train.

We walked through town, and went to the Hikers Inn. Lee and Paul are the owners and wonderful hosts! We enjoyed hot showers, laundry, and wifi, and then went to the 7-Trails Restaurant for a 2nd lunch.

We did a resupply at Dollar General (ugh), and we checked out the local outfitter shop and bought some new fuel canisters. Its been cold on this trail, so this canister (220g/8oz) only lasted 470 miles/23 days.

Tomorrow, more Virginia and the Greyson highlands!

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