Day 33: Zero in Kanab

Tuesday May 23, 0.0mi/0.0km

Kanab, UT

What a relaxing day! I slept in a bed, and didn’t wake up until almost 7:30. When I went downstairs Deena and Steve were already having their coffee, and getting ready for their workday. I made french toast for breakfast, and then Shadow and I drove into downtown Kanab, about a mile away. Our first stop was the post office, where I had 3 boxes! We had shipped extra food from the last town, I had some leukotape from Amazon, and I had ordered new shoes. They are definitely not my preferred color, but it’s all I could get that quickly.

It’s the same exact model, and the tread on the old trail runners looks completely worn off.

New grippy shoes will be great for the upcoming Grand Canyon section, which will have more steep trails and rock-hopping. Next we did our food shopping, buying 7 days of food to get the 110 miles from Jacob lake to South Rim.

Across the street was the local hiking gear store, so we checked it out.

I kinda needed a new UV shirt, but they didn’t have anything in my size, so I’ll make the current one work for a few more weeks. We also stopped at the dollar store, and I bought a $3 inner tube.

There is a crossing of the Little Colorado River, or LCR, which usually requires a waist-deep ford. I’m not tall, so the tube gives me a backup plan.

After all our shopping, we grabbed lunch at one of the few local restaurants that was open on a Tuesday, Adria’s.

It was a nice restaurant inside, but with a really small menu. Once I eliminated all the beef dishes, there were only 2 options left…sigh.

We drove back to the house and unpacked all our stuff. I spread out my food to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything.

The reusable shopping bags had a great slogan! “Abra Kanabra…. magically unspoiled”.

The store tried to give us old-school plastic throwaway bags, which was sad….it’s 2023. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading a book about western water issues, and exploring our hosts’ wonderful bookshelf.

Dinner was great, pasta with marinara sauce and lots of fresh vegetables, plus a salad and fresh bread. Everything tastes better when you’re used to eating dehydrated food and bars everyday! I had a relaxing evening of doing laundry, and more reading. A perfect zero day!

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